Saturday, June 9, 2018

FAMILY: Means More Than Just A Word

FAMILY. I used to have an expectation on what a family should be, perfect, rich, and always happy. There were painful memories, hurtful arguments, happy times; these family went through it all. When I started to meet other people and their families (after being sheltered since I was a child), I realized everyone has their own dysfunctions within their families. Family isn't perfect. Just like marriage, it takes work, lots of understanding and forgiveness, a little helping hand here and there. There's give and take, and working out each other's differences. 

I wanted it to be different for my family this year. In my heart, I've always asked God for wisdom on how to best handle my family as we have been separated for a long time and I've decided (inspired and hopeful because of my Lord Jesus Christ) that this time around, the enemy will not win. The devil won't chain us again in his clutches. He has taken my family captive for a long time through generational curses. 

I remember after my God Encounter Retreat, I asked the Lord, "How do I win my family for you, Lord?" And the Lord answered me simply, "LOVE." 
I didn't know how, but I knew that I'm doing it for the Lord. 

Yesterday was the last day of my sister, Auggie, here in Davao because she's going back to Dubai again. She works there, and goes home every 2 years. We ate at Tien Ma's at SM Lanang. It totally didn't go as planned. We had the cake for my other sister, June Reo, because it was also her birthday yesterday. The birthday girl was late, and she wasn't really able to blow her birthday candle. When she entered the restaurant, we sang just one line of the Happy Birthday song, Hahahaha!

After eating, we took pictures outside of the restaurant and it was total havoc! The kids were running around, and parents have to go after them just so we can take our family pictures. There were lots of struggle with the kids because Julia didn't want to participate, Jasper wanted to be carried by his mom, and Zach was out of sight so my cousin, Paolo, has to go after him. Only baby Zia was behaved heheehe.. 

From the pictures below, it might look like we all got it together, but not quite. πŸ˜€πŸ˜

The birthday girl, June Reo

Well, we tried the group picture thingy while eating.. Nope, not working.

 And so here we are...

Of course, me and my daughter were somehow twinning on this particular day πŸ˜πŸ˜ƒ

With my Mama and sisters sans Julee, my actual twin, who's in Dubai. 

Last not but not the least, as I will be more forgiving and loving in my journey with Christ, I am welcoming a new bundle of joy. I am praying from the Lord for a smooth ride as I embark on a new journey. I know the Lord has prepared everything for me. I will be writing about the experience when everything has been ironed out.

For now, I would like to be happy for both of them and for our family. 😊

For baby Ean Pantaleon

As I expand my heart, my life, my views, these are verses we can learn so much from. In order for God's love to transcend, we have to be more open to this love that He has given us and move beyond us so that many would believe that He is our God who loves and forgives and accepts.

 “Your approval means nothing to me, because I know you don’t have God’s love within you." John 5:41-42 (NLT)

"Many more believed because of his message, and they told the woman, “We believe now, not because of what you said, but because we ourselves have heard him, and we know that he really is the Savior of the world.” John 4:41-42 (GNT)

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Happy 4th, Julia!

Yesterday, we celebrated my dear niece's birthday at Zoofari. It all started when we celebrated our cute nephew's birthday there 2 weeks before her birthday. 

She was pointing at a tarpaulin with pictures of birthday parties, and was blurting out, "Gusto ko dito ako mag birthday party o!" (I want to have my birthday celebration here!) And then she held my hand, and took me to a small part of the restaurant where there were drawings of animals. They call it Zooside, beside the Zooplay area. She was saying, "Tita, gusto ko diyan sa birthday ko!" 

So, I was like "Okay, okay, diyan gusto mo?" After that, I asked for information from the receptionist and I was glad to hear that we can have a birthday party for just 20 people. But that didn't happen as planned, ha-ha! We spent more than we expected, but still, we were prepared financially so it was okay. πŸ˜€πŸ˜

The pressure was on when she already announced that it's going to be her best birthday ever! Hahaha.. Kids!

In our FB group chat with my sisters

Let me give you just a little background story of our baby girl. When she was born, she was not okay according to the Newborn Screening Test provided by the hospital. I can't say exactly what it was because I really didn't get into the details of it, but there was some sort of a problem with her stomach and she will be needing surgery so that she can eat and poop normally like all babies do. 

Jaiannah Julia Ferolino

When Julia came into the world, this little girl has captured our hearts!
And so, we all prayed for her. I asked our church to pray for her so she will be healed without going under the knife because she was so young. I remember jumping with all my might as an act of faith  in one of the church conferences I attended so that my niece, Julia, will be healed. During that time, she and her mother were going to Manila to run tests for her, and prep her for the surgery. God is good, and that didn't happen! :) Now she is a healthy little girl, a little naughty, talks a lot, and gets fidgety when all attention are directed to her. 

She was very tiny before. I thought she was not going to grow. Her hair never grew very long.
This is her now with her hair unruly and curly hair, tall, active, and talkative. One smart little girl.  

I just want to thank everyone who came over, and made it possible for her to have a wonderful memory of her 4th birthday! :)

Thank you to Julia's mom, my sister, who allowed me to go with whatever we can think of for this party!
Thank you to my sisters who contributed so much for this party! πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜‰
Thank you to Ken and Mary who helped me with the birthday giveaways, and the photos πŸ™Œ
Thank you to my friends who came and brought gifts for her, all FROZEN merchandise ha-ha-ha! 😁
Thank you to Joseph, who bought the 2 cakes for everyone to eat (because we don't want to touch her birthday cake!)
Thank you to my family, and my family's friends who came and also helped!
Thank you to my boss, Ingrid Faith, who gave me opportunities at work, and to Hubble who accepted me to work in their company.. this won't be possible without you guys! 😊😘 Rock on!

Last, but not the least, we would like to thank our Lord Jesus Christ who made all these possible. He gave us what we needed so we can afford to give my niece her "best birthday ever", and hopefully there's more in the future!

  Our Birthday Celebrant - Cakes, gifts, and giveaways

   The food and her visitors

The Kids enjoying Zoofari's Play Room

Family and Friends


Thank you Tita/Pastora Kai Pilones for praying for Julia and the food! 

Julia opening her gifts πŸ’‹πŸ’—

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JULIA! I LOVE YOU MY DEAR NIECE! I can't put everything in this short blog about your special day, but know that we all love you and baby Jasper! Enjoy your gifts, ate! πŸ˜—πŸ˜˜πŸ’–

P.S. One highlight on her birthday was Eishi, my bff's (Denise) youngest daughter. She asked me, "Tita Judee, may mascot?" and then "Tita Judee, may magic?" Hahahaa.. Her mom goes all out when it comes to her daughters' birthday, so she thought we're going to have the same things for Julia's. πŸ˜€πŸ˜° Next time nalang ha hehehe.. 

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Matthew 18:27

Photo Not Mine. CTTO

Just like love is a decision, so is forgiveness. It is a choice you have to make yourself, almost every day of your life. So do I. Forgiveness doesn't mean what happened or what was said was okay, but it also doesn't mean that this person or these people are still welcome in your life to cause more pain. It is just letting go, make peace with yourself, knowing that you are ready to just forgive and forget about it.

Jesus forgave me when He decided to die for me on the cross, and I will do the same even though it has caused so much pain in my heart. It is not about me anymore, but it is about God. It is always about God.

Matthew 18:27 "The servant’s master took pity on him, canceled the debt and let him go.” (NIV)