Sunday, April 19, 2009

First Wedding Cake

Last week, I had my first try on a wedding cake. The experience was very frustrating, tiring, & pressuring moment of my life that it brought me to tears, but it turned out great in the end.
Actually, it was my 2nd try to make rolled fondant from scratch. I had to make a 4-tier wedding cake + 2 more small cakes to put the stairs on for support. I didn't sleep at all until the next day for the wedding day. It's a good thing that the reception was near because it was easy for me to deliver the wedding cake. My partner was very patient when I had bad moments while making the cake. We had about 4, 5 or 6 cakes that weren't good enough so we gave it to our neighbors, who in turn, loved the free stuff. He-he! I had some help from my partner's younger brother & wife. (Thanks a lot!)

The cake wasn't at all perfect but I gotta admit, it was beautiful! There were bumps on the cake but probably because I had too much icing on the cake before I put on the fondant, or the fondant was not too thick when I put it on the cake, or maybe both. Whatevz. (Yeah, I'll be more careful next time!) After a few hours, the bumps weren't so noticeable anymore. There were little tearing on the fondant, too. It's a good thing that butterflies were the accents of the cake so it was easy to cover them with it. I didn't get to see how the cake was "sabotaged" because I slept for the rest of the day after we assembled the cake, but everyone kept on telling me that there were a lot of them who took second helpings, even bigger portions of the cake.

More cake details here.

Who Am I by Casting Crowns

I was supposed to blog something about the cake I made, but I bumped into one of my friend's blogs and found her post about the song.

I clicked on the link, and I listened to the song which touched me very much and made me teary-eyed again. I still remember my personal experience with God's love and I believe this song fully explains how grateful I am to Jesus up until today.

Just click on this link here site. To downloand, click here.

Check on the video below!