Saturday, February 21, 2009

My Valentine's Day!

I've been delayed posting this blog! This happened last Valentine's day and I was so happy to earn something out of my baking & decorating!

I brought 5 bags of sweet goodies (1 bag not pictured) & brought them to our office. . All bags were big & heavy containing orders and some more extras sold at the office.

I was hesitant to bring these all to the office because it'll be my very first to bring out my products. I am a little bit insecure of my work, not to mention, I have other big competitions there. They sell bouquets of flowers & bears all professionally arrange. These guys are already experienced in the field. Besides, I also have Betty's to worry about. What if people would rather buy from these stores? They are more known & already established. I am still trying to penetrate the market. The office is the best place I could advertise my skill as baker & cake decorator.

I was praying to God that people will buy my stuff. And thanks to Him, everything went well & smooth. My individual cupcakes sold out fast & some were evern asking for more of my 8 cuppies in a box. I am happy that they bought the other stuff I offered them as an alternative. I really thank God for this opportunity. I answered some queries, too. Some emailed me if I also make cakes for other special events. I said yes to them & they would like to order from me on other special events or occassions. Thank God!

I am happy to for I have gotten a return from the investment I made with my partner, Mr. Zybone Nacilla, on the products. He makes cakes, too. His specialty are chocolate cupcakes, leche flan, & cookies.

I wasn't able to take pictures of the products we all made because we didn't have much time especially when I got sick 2 days for the big day. All turned out well & again, thank you to those who patronized our products!