Thursday, July 24, 2008

What I Found out about Fondants

I’ve read so much online about cakes, cake decorating, and fondants.

I found that there are different types of fondants : (1) Marshmallow Fondant, (2) Rolled-Fondant, (3) Satin Ice Fondant, and (4) Pettinice Fondant.

Satin Ice and Pettinice Fondants have better reviews, but a little expensive. Although guaranteed great results. Of course, according to bloggers and what I have read online. They say that it tastes better and easier to mold/shape. I also cannot find a recipe about it so I guess nobody knows exactly how to make one so you have to order online or if it’s available in your area, you can go right ahead and buy it.

The other 2 fondants doesn’t taster as good as the 2 other fondants I mentioned above but I haven’t tried it yet. (I’m still preparing for a class next month for it) I’ve also read that Wilton’s fondant doesn’t taste as good as Satin Ice or Pettinice fondant.

So, as a beginner, I kind of get a little confused and overwhelmed by so much information. *sigh*

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