Sunday, August 17, 2008

Airbrushing the cake is definitely nice!

My boyfriend and I were together in a cake decorating class with Anne. Anne makes cakes and cupcakes, and quite good at it. You can visit her at Cakes4you. So anyways, as we go along, I find that my boyfriend is better than me! ha-ha! Just look at his cake over mine and you'll see why!


  1. hi there, thanks for visiting my blogspot site. sorry for the late reply to your message, i seldom login here.. if you have a multiply account, please add me up.. it's

    nice to know you're anne's student pala. your first cupcake attempt was really good. you're off to a good start.

    regarding tylose and gumtex, i think they work the same although i havent really tried using wilton's gumtex because it is expensive.

    sweetcraft's number btw is: 5321595

    happy baking!


  2. hi, Kate! =) thanks for the comment! i'll call you after I'm done with my fondant & gumpaste lessons! =)