Monday, October 20, 2008

I have a client who wants to have a simple birthday cake for her daughter. She didn't want a big cake. She wants something that they can just put a candle on it, make a wish, and have a happy birhtday.

Well, it came as a surprise to them when I made this special birthday cake. It was my first and I was kind of nervous about it. I wanted it to be a very good cake because I know children. Once they're delighted, it comes from the heart.

So I made this strawberry-flavored chocolate cake with strawberry-flavored icing. I didn't know what to make of the cake but I finally decided on a "not too mini-cake" with 2 tiers. I enjoyed doing it but at the same aggravated about the icing. It was especially hard to make it as smooth as possible and making sure that I won't scratch it to avoid taking out the icing and the crumbs as well. Every stroke I made on the cake, I asked God to guide my hand and make it beautiful even though it was a simple design. And I sure do hope they will like its taste! I have yet to know. They will be celebrating her daughter's birthday tonight, so help me God.

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