Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fondant and Gumpaste Classes

This is my very first rolled-fondant cake. This is a chocolate cake covered with orange-flavored fondant. When we made it, the fondant was heavy. It was easier with MMF. But anyways, after I saw the result and the difference between rolled fondant & MMF, I would love to make another rolled fondant.

I'm not sure if you agree with me, but I think rolled fondant has a better texture than MMF, but MMF was more tasty! Anyway, I only made a simple design at class but I guess the end result was good. Anne was supervising us and taught us different techniques, like making a rope border, roses, and leaves. She gave us tips, too, when making fondant and gumpaste. It was easy to make these but kinda difficult when it comes to kneading it. But, hey! I love my finished product! I have a picture of my bf's own design, too. The bear topper is made of gumpaste and the rest are fondant. This is for his mom's birthday and his mom was very happy of her birthday cake!


  1. wow.. very lovely.. the flowers are very pretty and i simply love the little bear. good work :D

  2. wala pa ko naka kaon ug fondant jud judee.. until now mystery pa sa akoa kung unsa ba jud na.. ahahahah! luoy jud kayo ko!

    i love the cupcakes.. wala na naugmaan oi! hahaha!

  3. hhahaa.. naku! next time talga, i have to check on my blogs here from time to time.. msrap to jade promise!~ =)

  4. chai, dnt worry.. mag buhat ko pag Valentines if i am not too busy.. katilaw judka og fondant sunod hehehe