Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Dream Wedding

I've been wanting to post this a long time but I just don't know much about weddings so I really don't even know how to start it here. I hope I can put in as much as I can about my dream wedding.

I want it to be a church wedding. And from the aisle in the center where I'll be walking, I want hundreds and hundreds of rose petals scattered on the floor. My motiff will be violet, white, and gold. My wedding dress will be an Indian-type of dress. I am not yet sure of my wedding dress color but I know gold will be there. I have more pictures to choose from so just check below what I had in mind. (Of course, complete with accessories!)

My wedding ceremony doesn't have to be Indian as well. I just love their dress and it will be an honor if I am able to wear an Indian-inspired wedding dress.

My wedding cake will be in neon pink, dark purple, and gold in color. Decorations will also Indian-inspired complete with candles and rose petals everywhere. Yes, I also want my groom to wear a white-and-gold Indian ensemble. Flowers will be yellow, red, and white.

Reception? Not yet sure, but the tables will be decorated with same flower colors as centerpieces. There will also be a frame of my photo and my future hubby. I will have bubbles and butterflies on my wedding day. I will have a dance program and some contests, too. I want my wedding to be fun and celebratory, not boring. =)

Anyway, for now this is all I can talk about my wedding.


  1. nice judz.. it's every girl's dream to walk down that long aisle.. hope the person who stands by the end of that aisle will take care of u forever.. mwah!

    i also accept photograhy services (for the coverage, eheh)

  2. hahaha.. kuhaon teka ha for my photo coverage.. sorry kaayo if i am not as good as you when it comes to blogging.. you have the best grammar and sentence construction ever! =)