Sunday, September 21, 2008

Strawberry cake with Chocolate Ganache on top and fondant toppers.

I had fun making this. I didn't know it's gonna be hard thinking of what to do with your fondant!

So I thought of my little niece and made ballet shoes, flowers, ribbons, hankies, and bags. Again I really need more practice. They're all pink because I didn't want to do any color yet since I am still a beginner. Once I have more time, I will create a lot of colors.

I want to thank artofdessert again and I was thinking of making scrolls but I changed my mind. I'll do that soon and I will dedicate it to Rianne. Thanks again! You have been a big help to me! =)

**sorry about the orange-y color on my fondant. I got tired of painting luster dust.

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