Monday, September 15, 2008

Chocolate Cupcakes with Choco-flavored icing -- Delicious!

Because of my new oven, I was inspired to make another batch of cupcakes and this time, they are chocolate-flavored!

This is my first time to make chocolate cupcakes, and I hear that is is quite a handful especially your first time. But they turned out right!

Oh, and I followed the basic recipe for this batch but I used 3/4 cup of Tipco (brand) Kiwi & Grape Juice for healthier cupcakes. This juice is made of pure kiwi and grape juice. You can't even taste the grape fruit. The juice is definitely sweet! I love it so much that's why I have to substitute it for water.

I wanted to make the cupcakes a little special, so I made royal icing. My royal icing failed because I put 2 tablespoons of cold coffee in it. So what I did, I took about half a cup or more of my shortening to make it a little stiff/firm.

Another flop. he-he! I wanted to make brown icing but it looks like I didn't follow the color wheel right, so I ended up putting in different colorings in my icing hoping it'll turn brown, but what I got was a shiny silver-y or shiny gray color! I liked the color though so I went ahead and tried to make a swirl. Ok, so the swirl is not that perfect!

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