Monday, March 16, 2009

A Little Angel's Cake

This cake was ordered by our neighbor who was a nanny to a couple's youngest daughter, Trixie. She died last year because of a truck accident.

The reason why she ordered the cake because she dreamed of Trixie. Trixie asked her if she will get a cake on her birthday, so the next morning, her nanny went to me and told me about the dream. My partner and I both knew the little girl and the nanny was my partner's aunt. We made the cake extra special. Trixie was known to love pink and red.

Through this cake, I discovered how a real buttercream should taste. I really didn't like the taste of buttercream. Sure I read a lot of information about buttercream icing, but not until now I have come to know how good it tasted if I add a little more of the butter. And, the red icing? It was perfect! After my disaster with the Spiderman cake's red icing, I searched through forums in Cakecentral. I couldn't find anything about it so I posted a forum.

In the forum, I told them about Americolor's Red Red coloring. I included in the forum that I was making buttercream and I wanted to know how much of the Americolor Red Red should I put in the icing. You can read the forum here :

The cake for Trixie looked fine & tasted real good! I will have to be consistent on my icing though. The one I made for her birthday cake is so much good! =)

Here are the pictures of the cake! Hope you'll enjoy!

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