Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Spiderman Cake

Front View

Top View

So a friend of mine ordered a cake with a superhero theme. I asked her what superhero does his nephew wants. She gave me 3 choices : Superman, Batman, & Spiderman. So I already decided to make a Batman theme because it was easier. You know, just an all black or yellow cake with batman on top and chocolate skyline. Well, you guess it right, I didn't get to make it because it turns out that his nephew's favorite superhero is Spiderman. I was a little panick-y because I didn't know how am I suppose to make a Spiderman theme. I looked up some Spiderman-themed cakes and found good pictures to get an idea on how to design the cake.

Oh, yeah, it didn't turn out as easy as I had hoped it would be. I bought a Spiderman topper so I don't have to fuss on fondant/gumpaste, especially since I am not good with making toppers out of scratch. In fact, I don't know how to start making one.

Now making the red icing was quite difficult. I melted 1/4 grams of chocolate with butter. I mixed it with shortening already colored in pink. What happened next was a disaster! The icing didn't turn out smooth as I expected but it was the red color that I wanted. It was so grainy that I was ready to cry. So I made another batch with more shortening, mixed the one I had already made, gradually and it turned out fine & smooth. But, it wasn't that red anymore. It was light red almost pink. Since, I didn't have much choice, I decided right away to use it on the cake. My partner, Zybone, made spiderwebs out of chocolate and it turned out right though.

Everything just fell into place and now I have these pictures to show you what we created. Hope you'll enjoy it!

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