Sunday, May 3, 2009

Kherby's Birthday!

This has been a very delayed post, but I am not going to pass this up. It was Kherby's 4th birthday & I made the cake for his special day. He wanted a Batman cake & I did my best to make it look as good as everyone wanted it to be.

I was so worried & nervous because the cakes I was baking were not turning out right the way I used to do it. This problem started a week before I did the wedding cake. Remember the bad times I blogged about the wedding cake? It was exactly the same thing with Kherby's birthday cake. The cake had a bread-like texture and the edges were drying out. Too dry. And the middle keeps on slumping down. I really don't know what I was doing wrong because I am following the exact same recipe and used the same ingredients for my chocolate cake.

After several tries, I was able to bake a good cake (but not good enough for me, though) and decorated it with black and blue. Juby, his yaya (nanny) helped by making all those fondant circles to be put around the cake. All day, I was worried that everyone will not find the cake tasty once they eat it.

At the end of the day, the cake was cut for the birthday boy and everyone else. To my surprise, the cake was not dry. I believe it was because of the filling I put on the cake & the fact that it was not stored in the fridge made it a moist chocolate cake. Everyone said that the cake tasted really good. I was definitely surprised & relieved that it worked out fine.

Anyway, check out the cake I made below. Happy looking!

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