Thursday, May 7, 2009

Project : Perfect Fondant Cake

Before the end of April ended, I already informed everyone that I will not be accepting orders for the month of May.
I wanted to rest for awhile from all the baking and decorating, especially since my shift at work has been changed back to a graveyard schedule. This will give me time to re-adjust to this schedule again before accepting any orders.
And the major reason why I wanted to stop taking orders for this month is because of the cakes I recently baked. I was so bummed because the cakes rises in the oven and then after I take it out, the middle part just fell. Some of them really falls big time, but the others slightly fell in the middle. And it worried me more because the edges of the cake seems to be dry.
And then I tried to remedy this by brushing the dry edges with the filling I put between layers. I covered the whole cake with more buttercream icing than usual, but I made sure that it is not too thick or too much.
So the cake, if it's not eaten right away, is moist and tastes really good. Believe me, I tried the cake. Remember the Batman cake I made? That's what happened with it & the reason why I had to bake a few more cakes.
Before, (I'm using the same recipe, BTW), the cake just grows and it won't fall in the middle part, but everyone would say that it is delicious but dry.
Now I made a cake before the Batman cake. It was for a friend's birthday. She told me that the cake was moist & it wasn't dry anymore. With this cake, I put it in the oven at a low heat and left it there for about 2-3 hours. My partner turned the oven off and when I checked the cake, voila! The middle part didn't fell nor did it rise. It was perfect. It was an evenly perfect round cake. I didn't have to carve it or anything. I just went ahead and decorated the whole cake. Take note, I was using the same recipe.
I also made another birthday cake for my godson. My partner & I thought the cupcakes we made were a failure so we had to make another batch using a different recipe. The next day, I ate one of the cupcakes we thought failed, and it was soft, moist, and very tasty.
I am now confused. Am I improving or am I doing something wrong?
So, I am now on a mission to try the same recipe again. I will make sure that I will get the result that I wanted. And since, I already know now how to put on the fondant, I will now work on how to make the sides of the fondant smooth without making it skirt-like. Just a smooth looking fondant without any tears or cracks.
Wish me luck, guys!!!

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