Sunday, May 3, 2009

To Em's Surprise!

When I checked on my calendar, I have a reminder there that it's Ate (big sister) Em's Birthday. That was days before May 1. I already told myself that I will make her a birthday cake. Ate Em is my manicurista. A manicurista in Filipino is someone who does your nails. All the nail cleaning, putting on colors on your nails to make it beautiful to look at. That stuff. If you have a trusted manicurista, you don't have to go to beauty parlors anymore. You just ask them to come to your house and do your nails.

So anyway, I wanted to make a cake that looks like a nail polish. Unfortunately, it didn't look like one. They can never guess what the cake was when I asked them what it looked like. I should have made the top round cake bigger. She loved chocolate so the cake was Chocolate Devil's Food Cake with minty buttercream filling & dark chocolate buttercream frosting. It was just a simple cake.

On her birthday, I greet her through text and asked her to come by my house to do my nails at 4pm. So she did. I gave her the cake & the surprise look on her face was enough to make me happy. She was brought to tears just for a few seconds before she came to her senses and wiped her tears away. I was so happy. I didn't think I could make someone that happy ever again in my whole life.

Thank God for everything! =)

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