Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Lord, Help Me Let Go...


Today,  I asked the Lord to help me let go. 

And piece my heart back to make it brand new. 
Because of my first marriage, my first love, everything in my life just fell into pieces.

After that, my heart has never been the same. 
My life never really became better. 
I carry the sadness and the regrets that has shaped my present life. 

I never really moved on. 
I firmly believe that we are more than our mistakes. 
But I still have a lot of wounds to heal.

Every day, even though I try to forget it or deny it, 
The past still catches up on me.
And I feel the pain again and again.

I find it hard to renew my life, 
To restore how I was before,
Or even make a brand new me.

Lord, today I ask for a brand new future,
New hopes and new dreams.
Please, help me let go,
So I can move on and start anew. 

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